No warranty - as is.    Each machine has a tag on the front with a number, this is how me will keep track.  We are selling them at a very low price because you will not get an opportunity to verify with your eyes that the machine works before purchasing.  I have no problem helping you over the phone, most issues can be resolved that way.  But in the event your machine needs us to come out, our normal service rates will apply even for friends and family.   I sold an oil and gas company 53 new touch free dispensing ice machines, I offered a $250 credit for each machine, this allowed me leverage over the other bidders.  I do have some cost to remove the machine so I will selling each machine for $350.   We have serviced this account for years, they spared no expense when it came to maintenance and repair.  Cleanings were done every four months consistently, their quarterly cleaning was just preformed 6 weeks ago.   We turned power off to the machines this week  so the ice would melt out in preparation to replace next week, all were working and full of ice.  I created this page on my site to be private it is a hidden page and can only be accessed if you have the link.  

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